Q: When will the first offers of acceptance be sent out?

A: Please note that all competitive teams that apply early will be guaranteed acceptance until all the spots are filled in that level. The selection committee will respond quickly to confirm your acceptance to this tourney. Hurry as we refused teams last year.

Q: Can I register a team soon?

A: Yes, just complete the Registration Application and make the first down payment before March 1st to reserve a place in this tournament.

Q: Is there any benefit to sending in my team application early?

A: The selection committee for the Kingston Adult Hockey Classic will meet on a monthly basis accepting teams at the beginning of each month. This will allow teams the opportunity to plan and organize their trip to Kingston.

Q: How do I know if you received my application?

A: Once the application is received, the staff of the Kingston Adult Hockey Classic will contact you as soon as possible to confirm that we have received your application.

Q: Can I register as an individual player?

A: No, but if you would like to play, contact us while describing which division you would like to play and we will contact teams registered to find you a spot. If you have other friends who will like to play and you are missing players to form a team, contact us and we could help you to complete your team to participate in this event. We are here to help you!

Q: When is the schedule released?

A: The schedulle posted on the right-hand side of the home page will be released 2-3 weeks before the tournament begins. The final schedule if any will be finalized and posted on the Monday prior to the Kingston Adult Classic tourney event. Please check back frequently until the schedule is marked as FINAL.

Q: What to worry about before coming to this hockey event as a coach or a team manager?

A: The tournament directors have prepared a check list to review before coming the tournament. 

Q: How do you assess the skill divisions/caliber of a team?

A: Teams will be split into divisions of 4-6 teams based on skills level after registration is complete. Every effort will be made to place teams in divisions where they will play competitive games. If a team does not know which skill level it fits, we will review all information (league stats, prior tournament results, and a list of players’ ages and playing experience, etc.) available on this team in order to rate their skill level. We want to be fair to all teams.

Q: Do your registration fee include tax?

A: Yes, the application entry fee includes all applicable taxes.

Q: How many players per team?

A: You should aim for 10 skaters and 1 goaltender, with 10-14 skaters per team the acceptable range.

Q: Are roster changes or additions allowed after the tournament starts?

A: Absolutely not. Teams should bring enough skaters that their team will still be able to skate comfortably should a player sustain an injury, become ill, or be otherwise unable to play. Further, any roster additions after a team has been placed in a tournament division are subject to the approval of the tournament director.

Q: As tourists, what can we do while being in Kingston?

A: Check out our Visitors page to discover more about activities taking place in Kingston.

Kingston Adult Hockey Classic