“Kingston, a relaxing city to play a weekend tournament, friendly people and relaxed. Excellent! All players really enjoyed it as it was a great experience.” (Ronnie, Ottawa, On)

“This past April, we participated in the Kingston Adult Hockey Classic and we found the entire staff very accommodating, professional and willing to please all teams present. The facility is top notch, the complex operations’ staff is friendly and the level of enthusiasm was unbelievable. “ (Alain, Montreal, QC)

“On behalf of all players from Big Pond Pirates, I would like to say thank you for a fantastic job by your staff yesterday. The level of competition was great and all players enjoyed a strong competitive tournament. We were more than impressed with your facility and your people stood out without any question. “ (Paul, Albany, NY)

 “Not only that, it is a great time and very well organized, this is a great sport event that offers great hockey competition” (John, Syracuse, NY)

“It is my first year at the Kingston Adult Hockey Classic and it is a well planned and well supported. We look forward to come back next year forming 2 teams from my company playing in two different divisions. A weekend out for the boys!” (Jack Robert, New Brunswick)